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In the beginning the Bobbato archives constitute themselves around the nucleus composed by the documentation about anti-fascism and the Resistance of the province of Pesaro and Urbino and by the associated archives of ANPI. Numerous materials which were traced and in many cases saved from destruction, derived from important private archives, were put together over the years to the original documents of partisan sources which are related to the military operations all over the region Marche, thanks to the historical research made by the Institute to reconstruct the history of the twentieth century in our province.
Besides, during these last few years Bobbato Library has intensified its activity of intervention and safeguarding, conscious that unfortunately the historical transition phases, such as the present one, usually lead to a systematic impoverishment of the documentary sources concerning the contemporary history.
At the present time the archives are composed of 30 documentary funds concerning the political, social and union life, paying particular attention to the province of Pesaro and Urbino.
Our centre also offers an archival consultation to agencies and associations in the management of their own historical heritage.
The archives are in a phase of proliferating information and take part to an important national project, combined with the National Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement, that constitutes an archival data base through the ISIS software of UNESCO, and is common to different centres which are engaged in the preservation of the documentation about contemporary history.


The consultation of funds is free. To watch the documentation you have to send a request also by e-mail to the director at the address In fact, not all the funds are available in the library, so you have to order their consultation.



National guide to the archives of twentieth century

It’s on line the pdf version of “INSMLI Italy history of the twentieth century. Instruments and sources”, Rome, 2006 three volumes; a monumental  work edited by Claudio Pavone. The three volumes offer to Italian and foreign students of Italian history in the twentieth century a guide to make out in the complex panorama of sources. The essays, written by about 80 authors,  present a critical analysis about which sources are to save and why. They explore the creation process of the different types of archives. They analyse their nature and summarize their vicissitudes during the twentieth century and, at the same time, they provide essential information about the research instruments. The work also offers a framework of historical research in Italy from a structural point of view: it analyses the financings to the research and it describes institutions, foundations and associations active in the contemporary history field. In the third volume there’s a panel dedicated to ISCOP.


To consult the work free on – line go to the site of the Department of Cultural Properties and Activities. General Direction for archives.