The library starts with the purpose of collecting and preserving bibliographic materials about history and memory of the twentieth century and in the beginning, particularly of anti-fascism and liberation war. Starting from this highly central initial theme, the book fund has highly increased to the today’s 12,000 volumes about contemporary Italian and European history.

The Bobbato Library is part of the coordinated Bibliographic System of the province of Pesaro and Urbino so its catalogue is consultable on - line through the provincial Opac and through the National one SBN (because it adheres to the SBN URB Pole).

The volumes are divided in sections.

The most consistent is the section BIBL that collects volumes about contemporary history and historiography. It deals particularly with the following themes:

- The First and Second World War
- Fascism and Anti-fascism
- Anti-Semitism and racial persecution
- Italian and European History in the twentieth century
- Italian Constitution
- The history of non-European countries
- History of ideas, political parties and movements

Important and very consistent is the section LOCAL which is described in another page.

These are the other sections:

DIDATTICA – Volumes about history didactics, teaching methods and about Italian school history.

SINDA – History of labour and trade –union organizations.

FOTO – Photography and history

CINE – Cinema and history

The volumes are put on open shelf, so you can freely consult them.

The library offers advice to students, researchers or ordinary citizens who are engaged in historical-documentary research. The volumes are displayed on open shelves and can be easily looked up.

The loan is free. The works composed by many volumes and the ones edited before 1950 cannot be lent.


You can borrow three documents a time for thirty days, you can extend the lending for further 15 days, also by phone call.


The library has about 60 sittings to study, is very bright and has air conditioned.