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This section includes one fund of about 5,000 photos related to the history of the province of Pesaro in the twentieth century, and it makes our facility the only and widest photo collection available to the public in the whole province. The material is all at disposal at a digital level, it concerns unpublished images of the urban life of Pesaro and themes which are directly connected with the Resistance and with the passage of the front in the province during the Second World War, through old sights, scenes of daily life and rare images of the Resistance; moreover, some funds of great interest record the images of topographical changes concerning the town and the surrounding territory in the post-war years, among whom the photographs of bathing seasons and the publicity connected to the placards stand out.

List of preserved funds

To exemplify the important materials that are preserved in these archives we have decided to mark out some funds of knowledge which are particularly significant:

Fondo Carlo Betti
Fondo Renato Pezzolesi
Fondo Papuli
Fondo Cesare del Vecchio
Fondo Davide Mariani
Fondo Archivio Storico del Comune di Pesaro
Fondo EPT (Ente di Promozione Turistica)
Fondo ANPI provinciale
Fondo "viaggi della memoria"