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At our Library it is possible to make inquiries on the Internet apart from the usual historiographical consultation. It is also possible to be advised by our workers, and useful sites can be pointed out to frequent users of the centre. The selections that we present here are of course continually revised and they were made by choosing those sites which aid the consultation of useful materials of various kinds (photos, testimonies, films etc.)

National Sites

INSMLI (National Institute for the History of Liberation Movement in Italy) with the list of Italian historical institutes of the Resistance and of the contemporary age associated to INSMLI

Sissco (Italian Society for the Study of Contemporary History)

Anpi (National Association of Italian Partisans)

Aned (National Association of former political deportees in Nazis camps)

Anei (National Association of former Internees)

Images of History – Italian History told through images of important museums and archives all over Italy)

Territorial and Local History Sites

Marche History in the twentieth century –  net for the Marche contemporary history

Ascoli Piceno - Provincial Institute for the history of liberation movement in the Marche the provincial institute for the history of liberation movement in the Marche is a modern studies centre for contemporary history founded in Ascoli Piceno in 1972 and associated to the national institute for the history of liberation movement in italy.

Historical Institute of Resistance and contemporary age “Mario Morbiducci” in Macerata it promotes the development of studies about contemporary history valorizing the local researches; the care and saving of documents and archives, with particular attention to the regional, provincial and local history sources; the diffusion of studies about contemporary history and the didactic up - to - dating of teachers.

Portal of memoirs of soldiers decorated for military value in the province of Pesaro and Urbino

Provincial ANPI of Pesaro and Urbino Section of Anpi of the province of Pesaro and Urbino

Rimini ANPI section of ANPI of Rimini province

Memoteca Pian del Bruscolo – Project that colllects photos, documents, memoirs and stories about the towns of Colbordolo, Manteciccardo, Montelabbate, Sant’Angelo in Lizzola and Tavullia

Mondolfo 1943 – 1945

Riccione 1944 – the invisible town Social - cultural project that promotes and valorizes the Memory by modern information media


Twentieth century – Contemporary histories. Didactic in progress

Bibliolab history laboratory on line rich in materials and didactic laboratories

Clio ’92 teachers and  researcher association about history didactics

Landis National Laboratory for History didactics

On line reviews [link]