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This section is composed of more than 120 thematic CD-ROMs, mostly of a historical and bibliographic kind, dedicated to the main events of the twentieth century. The material is fully available at our centre. The list of titles is continuously revised with new purchases. Here you can find various encyclopaedic series which are expressly dedicated to contemporary history. Among these we like to stress these titles: “History of the Twentieth Century” published by Repubblica, “The Paths of History” edited by Corriere della Sera, “The Century of Wars”. We also point out some works of a wider kind, going through and explaining the path of humanity since earlier times to the present, through different ways and observations. Among these we quote the following series: “The Great Ages of History” edited by the weekly L’Espresso and “The History of Italy” by Einaudi which specifically concerns the Italian area.

Strictly didactic and informative material is also available, centred on the methods of teaching history, and you can also find necessary instruments of context such as historical and geographical atlases which have been digitally reproduced. Moreover, specific themes are treated, like economics, with special attention to the present problems – we point out at least two titles: “Understanding Globalisation“, edited by Le Monde Diplomatique and Manifesto, and “Journey Through the World of Economics“ published by Mondo Economico – and to historical-cultural and political events of a particular international importance like the dissent movements of the 60s or some aspects of the Italian political history. We also point out the presence of various CD-ROMs dedicated to the examination of reviews and newspapers like: Limes, Internazionale, Le Monde Diplomatique, L’indice and il Sole 24 Ore.